Cloudy Days (Adapted from “Everybody hates me” by The Chainsmokers)

Usual are the times we feel as if the air is too toxic for us to breathe due to hate. How many times have you opened your phone only to be greeted with all kinds of negativities from your contacts? I do not know about you but for me its more or less frequently. It can be so discouraging that you end up declaring that everybody hates you.

I can relate a few weeks ago. I happened to open my Whatsapp and saw over 30 chats. At first it felt nice since i assumed people missed me. Oh no! Upon opening each text i was very depressed since most of them were negative messages. Others were just blaming me for ghost events while others were just teasing me or chasing me away. I was in bed at night so i simply closed the app and switched to YouTube. Music would be my best friend that day. I was at crossroads. I did not know which playlist to search. Since i am an EDM addict,i thought of any hit EDM stars. And that was where i landed on The Chainsmokers. I typed their name and decided to listen to all the songs. However, one captured my attention. It was titled “Everybody hates me”. Of course it had delicious beats and a catchy melody not to mention sentimental lyrics. I could have cried over it due to the chemistry of emotions in my heart that was catalysed by the song.

With each lyric,my mind went back to almost each sad memory. I felt so heavy. So delicate. So fragile. But wait! Something amazing happened overnight. Each time and night i listened to the song,my heart grew stronger. This emotional song was my source of strength. I then realised something:

Lesson learnt

Your source of emotional strength may be that thing that once makes you fragile at first. Take the ceramics for example. Before being moulded into strong products, they have to undergo the extremely hot atmosphere of the kilns. Also, for machinery, they have to be dismantled first before gaining fixture. Be strong! No pain no gain. Take the risk and laugh later. It is a journey. Rough. But only you can make the difference.

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Fake allies

Have you ever cried over betrayal? The pain stabbing your heart like a double edged sword isn’t it? The pain of betrayal by a friend is actually far worse than losing a friend in other ways. Many are the times we ask ourselves ‘How do we get rid of the pain?’ Well, there is no sure guarantee to that. But out of my experiences and those of others i can inspire you and answer that question too. Let me tell you a short story about somebody i know that answered a lot of questions.

Once there was a boy. Well, he was your average cutie boy. Slick hair, luscious lips name them. He was an Adonis i might say. He was however shy and not a cool kid like other teens. It so happened that there was a very attractive lass in the same estate. She too was a female Adonis. They were a natural pair. A pod of love was to be formed. Since the boy was so shy to approach her, his friends went and told the girl about him. To his utmost ecstasy, she took interest in him. She was too perfect to be with him. At least that was what our Adonis and company thought. But did she mind? No! The heart wanted what it wanted. (This should remind you of “The heart wants what it wants” by Selena Gomez) Months passed, love grew and an amiable bond was born by them! Your heart could just melt when you saw them. But alas! Fate has her own way of ruining good beginnings doesn’t she? The boy received the most hurtful of news. The girl was moving to another town! Tears cascaded on his cherub cheeks each time he used to think of her. Our 14 year old was a mess! He was just like Mordecai when he was left by Margaret in the popular cartoon Regular Show. But could he cry forever? Could he exhaust all the teardrops? He just decided to let go though she remained in his heart. Years passed and the boy turned 17. Fate changed ways and he got something he never expected. A certain girl contacted him and told him that his ‘girl’ said hi. He was not quick to believe. Only the text from the girl made him from a believer to a lover. Of course i will not go into details for you already know what followed. At 18, their love had blossomed and was waiting to flourish. But Fate returned with fire and lightning. The girl accused him of cheating on her with her cousin. This was not true actually. However, the boy was assigned another task of spending months trying to convince her otherwise. But she hated him and never responded even to his most sentimental texts. The poor boy. After a year of staying away from her, he succeeded in his exams and managed to secure a spot at the country’s most lucrative university. Some time later the girl learned that her conviction was false and it was a false message from a hater. But it was too late for she found someone else. She broke this down to the boy who was terribly hurt by the betrayal. How could she believe a stranger over him? How did she replace him like an object? The boy had no choice but to delete her from his heart and life. Luckily, he got a job by a famous blue chip company before graduating. He was also blessed with a better lass than ‘her’. He was just happy. God was faithful. Do you know what i learnt.


Fake people are like a perishable item. The more you store them in your heart the more your heart gets rotten and contaminated with hate.

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